Food in mugs

TGI Fridays, you lazy swines

[TGI Fridays board meeting]

“We need a new dish nobody’s done before. Something new. Something radical.

“Did you see the Pulled Pork Sundae on Twitter?”

“Yeah! Let’s do that. Right, off to the pub?”

Shepherd’s Pie in a glass

shepherds pie in a glass

You can’t go wrong with a classic Shepherd’s Pie. Unless you’re the Old George Inn, South Cerney.


The real reason dessert is in a boot


“Dessert in a glass boot, chef?”

“It looks great!”


“And it tastes better.”

“Err… are you sure about that?

“OK, we can charge more.”

A plank of Bloody Mary meatballs

bloody mary meatballs

Do you like meatballs? Do you like Bloody Marys? The Old George in Bethnal Green serves both. At the same time. On a plank.

Pic: @butters_one

Spaghetti Bollocksnese

Spag bol in a glass at Folie Douce Valdi. Even mixing it prior to serving was just *too* much trouble.

Pic: @benhowell123