Tin cans

“Don’t touch the can, it’s hot.”


Chowder, served with the warning: “Don’t touch the can, it’s hot.”

If only some kind of ceramic alternative existed.

Pic: @CheapEatsDotIE

Beer-can gravy Hipstergeddon

gravy in a beer can

“Excuse me waiter, I didn’t order a beer.”

“That’s gravy, sir.”

“It’s what?”


“In a can?”


[looks round]


Pic: @Eamonn_Forde

Breakfast in a tin can

breakfast in a tin can

This miserable arrangement is what passes for a cooked breakfast nowadays: the sausage, mushrooms, beans and poached egg are just shoved in the tin can. A BARGAIN AT EIGHT QUID.

Pic: @paulhome_